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Whether you want to stay on the surface or immerse yourself in the details of your numbers, Holded’s analytics offers traceability at every level.

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Holded Analytics is:

You don’t need to be an expert to understand your finances

Every time you send an invoice, Holded will automatically create a new entry and add its data to your reports. This way, you’re able to take a single glance at your Profit and Loss report (or any other) and understand how your finances are evolving in real-time.


Beautiful Analytics

A report that’s hard to understand is not very useful, now is it? Everything is crystal clear here. Holded is beautiful and easy to interpret.


Analyzing every aspect of your business

Any action that you take within Holded can be analyzed. Our analytics is a powerful tool that generates reports using the data you enter into the system.

Holded Analytics is divided into 3 different levels:

Board, Goals and Reports

Your numbers Your way

Your most important data at a single glance


Here’s where you can find an overview of your sales and expenses. The Boards section can be personalized to each user’s liking as it is designed for them to quickly see the data that they’re most interested in.

Need more than one board? You can create as many as you need and modify them however you want.

The following Boards are created by default:

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Visualize the Goal

Stay on top of every step towards your objectives

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As the name implies, this section has been designed for you to stay on top of your goals. You can look at the evolution throughout the year and assign objectives by account or type (annual or monthly).

In-depth Analysis

Make informed decisions faster thanks to automated reports

All the actions you take in Holded are recorded and will be reflected in your reports. For this reason, this is the section that offers more detail and depth inside Analytics. Holded comes by default with generic reports that show you your company’s most important data. These are updated in real-time and do not require any type of set up.


Your reports are organized in 5 different categories:

Sales, Purchases, Finance, Inventory and Contacts











Customize your reports

You can take personalization even further when using filters and tags.


Find any information you need with a single click


Apply filters to find the information you’re looking for. Thanks to this feature, it’s very easy to see the report of a specific date, for example.


Streamline your reports


Tags will allow you to mark and organize your reports by product, customer, service, etc.

So that you can identify them in seconds. You can associate tags with reports, contacts, suppliers, banks, or any other element stored within Holded.

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Is there a report that you visit regularly?
Mark it as a favorite, so you can get access quickly from the main menu.

Make your accountant’s job easier

Holded will never replace your accountant, but it can make their job a lot easier. Whenever you have the need, just export the list of issued invoices to Excel or PDF and send it.

It is an instant process and can be done at any time with any report. You just have to click on the button that’s in the upper right corner and you’re done.

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Analyze your sales and products

You’ll find different options inside the Sales section, one of them is being able to see your sales as a whole or by purchase. These reports are generated automatically when Holded cross-checks revenue and customer information. This way, you can tell who is your best client and give them a discount, for example.

Another possibility would be to study which products are selling well and plan a marketing strategy around them.

More than just finance

Reports allow you to study every aspect of your business, not just your finance.

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Analyze the performance of your employees when you study the evolution of the different projects and tasks they completed.

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On the CRM report, you can see the performance of your sales team. It is based on the number of activities they’ve organized and the deals that have been won and lost.

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This is where you’ll have access to the time tracking reports and be able to export them if you ever need to do so. You can also see the daily clock in of each employee.

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What is accounting analytics?

What is accounting analytics?

Analytical accounting is a series of techniques used to study how the economic resources of a company are distributed. The goal is to gather as much information as possible to make better business decisions that will impact the future of a business.

How are the reports in Holded generated?

How are the reports in Holded generated?

Holded Analytics is automated. It extracts all the information that has been registered in the system and represents it visually. Every account comes with a few generic reports by default, but you can always create new ones to suit your needs.

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For more information on how to use Holded Reports, you can always visit our Academy where you will find detailed instructions.

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