Project Management Software that gives you control

Plan, visualize, collaborate, and track. Your projects, financials, sales, and more — all in one place.

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task management

✓ Kanban Boards give you an overview of project status, progress, and issues at a glance

✓ Lists are now supercharged by Holded to give you an analysis of timelines, budgets, sales, and more

✓ Gantt Charts show how much time is devoted to each task — a project manager’s dream

Get started in seconds

✓ Import all your data from Excel or another project management tool and continue where you left off

✓ Effortlessly organize your projects with customizable templates and tags (you’re it!)

✓ Connect with Holded Accounting to have complete visibility over how your projects affect your cashflow

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Track projects to the minute

✓ Control the time you and your team devote to each project, and maximize your efficiency

✓ Delegate tasks and assign due-dates to your teams — keep everybody on the same page

✓View the budget, final billing, personal costs, and associated expenses as they are changed or updated

Manage projects like a pro

✓ Filter by status, assignee, project and more — then view cards in your favorite project management style

✓ Group employees into project-specific teams for crystal-clear communication

✓ Organize tasks by priority and due-date so the whole team knows what needs to be done

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Will I learn to use Holded easily?

We have designed Holded to make it very easy to start working and learn how it works, from the most basic to the most advanced. You also have our Academy where you will find all the help you need to become a Business Hero.

Who is this software for?

Holded is designed to help all types of companies manage sales, finance, operations, and human resources easily.

Can I import my data from another program?

Of course. At Holded we have worked hard to create the most effective and user-friendly importers possible. We understand that migrating data is one of the main drawbacks of changing software. So we have a vast range of importers, as well as specific importers for several programs. Create a free account to see just how easy it is to import your data.