Inventory management software for SMBs

Monitor your changing inventory in real-time and control your sales cycle

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Customizable product details

✓ Create and manage different types of products — then create custom attributes to classify them

✓ Make groups of variants with different options for an agile and personalized management

✓ Generate different lots to buy and sell your products and analyze the inventory in detail

Complete control over all your stock

✓ Know the value of your merchandise in the warehouse, and manage all types of purchases

✓ Follow all product entries to your warehouse thanks to customizable information for each individual SKU

✓ Easily locate any entry you want, with filters for date, purchase type, product and much more

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Selling and sending made easy

✓ Track your new sales with order, customer and payment details

✓ Create Waybills or packing lists and track every sales order through to sending

✓ Receive a sales order then automatically generate an invoice to your customer

All your stores connected

✓ Create a fully customizable product catalog which shows your shining products

✓ Integrate with your favorite e-commerce tools like Shopify, Prestashop, and Amazon

✓ Create multiple warehouses in Holded so you know how much stock you have in real-time

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Will I learn to use Holded easily?

We have designed Holded to make it very easy to start working and learn how it works, from the most basic to the most advanced. You also have our Academy where you will find all the help you need to become a Business Hero.

Who is this software for?

Holded is designed to help all types of companies manage sales, finance, operations, and human resources easily.

Can I import my data from another program?

Of course. At Holded we have worked hard to create the most effective and user-friendly importers possible. We understand that migrating data is one of the main drawbacks of changing software. So we have a vast range of importers, as well as specific importers for several programs. Create a free account to see just how easy it is to import your data.