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Collect payments and sell more

Enjoy complete control over your finances and understand how business is going in seconds

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Get paid your way

Collect payment for projects through Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal

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Customize your invoice templates

Look professional and seal the deal with 40+ invoice templates that are waiting for your logo

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Know the status of your invoices

Understand exactly how your cash flow looks with invoice tracking features and payment reminders

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Treat every customer uniquely

Set different prices for separate customers or create recurring discounts for your loyal ones

Automate your accounting

Rely less upon your accountant for your bookkeeping and truly understand how business is going

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Make your taxes simpler

Choose how much tax you need to pay on different invoices and know exactly how much is due. Plus, you can download tax documents to be automatically filled in.

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Sync your bank account

Connect your Holded account with some of the most trusted banks in the world. Then set up magic bank reconciliation and save hours of time.

Understand how business is going

See your cash flow and know where your time is being spent

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See profits and losses

Know where you’re performing, and understand where to cut back — your profit and loss view is always accurate and relevant

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Know where your time is spent

Use time-tracking features to charge by the hour, monitor how quickly you’re working, or to plan out an upcoming project

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Have an overview of deadlines

Keep your customers updated on timelines and give them an accurate deadline, then set due dates for completion and payment

Create relationships with your clients

Holded helps you understand every customer — so you can them the VIP treatment

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Sell with a personal touch

Create a contact for every customer and add all the details you need. See how many customers you have at one time and how many potential projects you have on the horizon.

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Send customers their unique dashboard

Let your clients see all of their histories with you. Show them a personalized portal where they can see outstanding bills and approve quotes from you.

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Founder of Nømad Coffee

Jordi Mestre

With Holded I understand every aspect of my business at a glance, which actually helps me sleep at night.

Flexible solutions for every stage of your agency journey

Holded is here for you the whole way. Take care of business, as usual, then expand your tools as your company levels up.

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Book a demo

Let us give you a tour of Holded in 30 mins

Talk to our team

Get in touch with us via live chat. It’s quick and easy.

Visit our Academy

Learn about everything you can do with Holded .