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Always be on time with Holded Calendar. Create events, invite your team members and notify other participants. Filter by event type so you can always find what you need.

Add your events

Update your calendar with complete details of all of your upcoming events for watertight planning and organization. Add detail to your tasks with, names, days, start and finish times, contacts, participants… and more!

Classify by event type, be it a meeting, a call, a coffee, a meal, or anything else. Schedule alerts for each event and optimizes your time management.

Simple and clear

Perfect organization

Enjoy our clean, elegant and totally organized calendar view. Organize your day based on your priorities

Visualize everything clearly, from events, invoice creation, due dates, and forecasts, to budget approvals and client meetings.

Automatic updates

Be perfectly synchronized with your team and clients. Your order and sales statuses are automatically synced to your calendar.

A clean and elegant view

Attractive, intuitive and easy to manage, Calendar is designed for detailed planning.

Personalized alerts​

Customize your alerts with notes and comments.

Filter by event type

Filter by event type so you can always find what you need.

Modify search parameters by adding filters, such as event purpose, contacts, participants, and more.

Simplify your calendar whenever you need a clear timeline of your upcoming events.

Together as One

Integrate with all your calendars

No limits. Integrate your Calendar with any other calendar you use.
Total synchronization for total organization.