Affiliate program

Recommend Holded and earn money while helping other companies

Create a free account

You can use Holded for free up to 50 bills a year, and if you’re just an affiliate it’s free forever.

Access the affiliate portal

Access the Invite Friends page from your profile picture.

Invite other companies

You can invite other users by advertising on your blog or website, or using the link that we provide.

How much do I earn?

You get €50 for every successful referral, and they get the same!


Implement Holded with your clients to digitize their management and improve their efficiency.


Recommend Holded to your clients as management software and tax and accounting portal.


Promote Holded on your blog and generate revenue for each customer you invite.


Promote Holded on your social networks and recommend it to your followers.


Advertise Holded in your medium of communication, whether online or offline and get additional income.


Recommend Holded to your clients for accounting and advisory directly through their account.


What is the Holded affiliate program?

The affiliate program rewards Holded users who invite more users with 10% of their invitees’ subscription plan. We want to build a community of companies and professionals that can benefit from Holded technology and what better way than rewarding those who recommend us!

How does the affiliate program work?

It’s very simple, just create a Holded account!. Then just click on your profile picture to invite friends – you’ll find a link to send to friends or clients. When an account is created, it is assigned to your user and you’ll be able to track its evolution. We also provide banners and graphic material to insert in your blog or website, or in case you want to send the invite in an email.

How much can I earn?

For every client you refer, you get €50 of credit. They also get €50 for joining too — it’s win-win!

Why should I become a Holded affiliate?

You get to recommend the best ERP solution on the planet while making money. The sky’s the limit.

How can I start?

Create your Holded account, click your profile picture to invite friends or colleagues, and you could start earning money the same day.