Cloud accounting software for modern businesses

Get complete control over your finances and spend less time on paperwork

No credit card needed. Enjoy limitless use for 14 days

Precise accounting tracking

✓ Access and view all of your company’s account transactions in a Logbook with ease

✓Get the transaction details you need immediately — invoice number, dates, charges and more

✓ Consult any invoice or other document attached to an entry in a few clicks

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Bank reconciliation that saves you hours

✓ Synchronize your bank statements automatically to control treasury, without lifting a finger

✓ Connect with hundreds of banks and know that your details are kept 100% secure

✓ Use magic reconciliation to link the transactions in your statements to the relevant account

Financial statement at a glance

✓ See your Profits and Losses in real-time — so you can make monthly and annual analyses

✓Use your company’s Balance Sheet to compare it with your objectives and forecasts

✓ Access the General Ledger and get all the details for every accounting entry you’ve made

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A totally integrated solution

✓ Link all your transactions, sales, purchases and all other data related to your transactions

✓ Connect to your favorite tools — A3 Accounting, PayPal, Stripe, and more

✓ Use Holded’s invoicing tool to get a complete overview of your expenses and income


Will I learn to use Holded easily?

We have designed Holded to make it very easy to start working and learn how it works, from the most basic to the most advanced. You also have our Academy where you will find all the help you need to become a Business Hero.

Who is this software for?

Holded is designed to help all types of companies manage sales, finance, operations, and human resources easily.

Can I import my data from another program?

Of course. At Holded we have worked hard to create the most effective and user-friendly importers possible. We understand that migrating data is one of the main drawbacks of changing software. So we have a vast range of importers, as well as specific importers for several programs. Create a free account to see just how easy it is to import your data.